Hi, my name is Ryan Marvelli and this is my story…I was born on a farm in small town Iowa. I was blessed to grow up with a lot of open space & close to nature. I also discovered Hatha Yoga in 1994 at the age of 18 and have been practicing on and off ever since evolving it into my unique, personal style of yoga I call Mindfulness Yoga…

Growing up it was difficult to regulate my thoughts, feelings  & body sensations…I didn’t have the “supportive space” to talk or feel it out, let alone processing it. School also became very difficult along the way & I fell behind quickly as I got distracted, my mind drifting off, and difficulty concentrating on the task at hand…Later on after school I was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, & Sensory processing disorder.  I was over-stimulated emotionally & mentally in my cultural & family surroundings of the 80’s and 90’s. I felt this constant pressure to do well, achieve, excel and be normal. But soon I burned out on the high anxiety, stress, expectations & negative self image….I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere & was outside the box. So I turned to yoga as my biggest support. I was looking externally for answers & acceptance but found I needed to go within.

So after college I began diving deeper in self help books, self awareness, spiritual subjects (that school didn’t teach), journaling & other creative outlets. I began my self discovery journey intentionally when I was 24 creating my new story-lines & confronting deep rooted insecurities & fears. Letting go of illusions, negative thoughts & old story-lines I was telling myself & reacting too. And what started as a 1 year journey turned out to be life-long 🙂  and with practicing yoga and mindfulness they were my greatest tools to help with this journey….

Changing my environment by moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 helped tremendously in walking my new path. Building my practice & having many teachers & yoga classes to choose from & discovering that “supportive space” I so needed… And after breaking my left elbow in 2014 I used yoga along with physical therapy to heal my injury. And shortly after I began a consistent daily practice of mindful meditation. In 2015 I decided it was time I became a Yoga Teacher even though Im not the most flexible guy which taught me to respect my boundaries. I Received my 200 hour certification from Kripalu. Later on in 2017-2018 receiving my 300 hour in therapeutic essentials and in the Spring of 2018 I completed my certification in Yoga Nidra.

Today, I finally see the gift of the challenges I went through growing up…and coming out on the other side with a new deep awareness of who I am, my purpose as a yoga/mindfulness teacher and how I can live my life with authenticity & meaning. Sharing my life experience, tools, movements & trainings I’ve learned along the way…Guiding others through the transitions, changes & new births. Change is always happening around us and within. But deep down we always have the constant connection to who we are, our path & infinite source of energy & abundance. And its never to late to begin the journey….Im here to support you on that journey. Sharing my story & listening to yours 🙂